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  • Automotive Safety Products You Should Consider When Traveling. Article Written by Michael Wynar

    Assuming you can get to your destination within a matter of eight hours or less, driving your car is less of a hassle, than planning a trip by plane.

    Generally driving to your destination and having the convenience of having your car outweighs the time and expense you save by flying and having to rent a car.

    The important thing to remember are roadside emergencies which in most cases can be prevented by planning ahead and having your vehicle checked before traveling. Things to consider, have a qualified mechanic check your car over before traveling any major distance. At the very least, you should have your oil changed, make sure your fluid levels are where they need to be. Also have all four tires checked for wear and proper air pressure. Don’t forget to have your spare tire looked at as well. The last thing you need is a flat tire and finding that your spare tire isn’t properly inflated. Also, make sure you get that tune up which you have been putting off.

    Some of the other items to take along on your trip would be a small tool box with tools needed to replace a hoses or fan belt if necessary.

    Flash light with a flashing red light is another is a great tool to have especially if you are traveling at night and want to attract attention.

    Battery jumper cables, a must have if you stop at a rest area and your car won’t start because you left your lights on while away from you care or just because someone at the rest area flags you don’t and needs a jump.

    A handy tool to have is an 8-N-1 car charger and power bank auto safety tool. This little tool measures 5 13/16” x 1 1/8” and is small enough to keep in your pocket while traveling. The USB car charger plugs into the 12 volt DC receptacle for charging cell phones and tablets. Easily locate the USB port in the dark with the Glow-in-the-Dark Band. The super sharp seat belt cutter cuts through a seat belt with just one swipe.

    There is also a bright 120 Lumen Flashlight with an adjustable neck. It also has a red flashing light for signaling. You can use the magnet on the bottom of the auto tool to mount the unit to a convenient easy to reach spot when needed. This tool also has a built in glass break hammer which is hidden in the positive pool of the car charger. Just aim for the corners of the windows where the weakest points of the window are and swing the glass breaker into the window to escape from your car.

    With the current technology, a conventional bulky battery jumper has been reduced to something small enough to easily fit into your glove compartment and yet powerful enough to jump start your car more than ten times if needed. Some of these units have built in LED lights with 3 illumination modes. When used in the dark, they will last up to 30 hours. Other units come with a strobe light for attracting attention in the dark in case of an emergency. These units can be operated to last up to 90 hours. They also come with the necessary cables for recharging almost any IPhone, IPad, HTC Samsung Mobile, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Nokia, Blackberry, PSD, PDA, GPS, Digital Camera, tablet PCs and many other digital devices.

    Let’s not forget a possible accident on the road with another driver where there are no witnesses and now it’s your word against his. Consider a dash camera with a built in DVR that will record up to six hours. It will digitally record any accident you may be involved in and now you have your witness.

    A Nap Alarm is another nifty little device, for anyone who has ever driven a long distance and caught themselves dosing off behind the wheel. I am sure that some of us have actually fallen asleep only to be awakened by the blaring horn of an oncoming vehicle. This is a life saving device for any professional truck driver. This small unit is worn behind the ear and is potentially a lifesaving anti-drowsiness alarm. It has a sensor built in it that detects motion, so when your head nods forward, it sounds a loud alarm to instantly wake you and to alert any passengers that may be traveling with you.

    This device is not just for drivers, it is also perfect for people who need to be fully alert while on duty, for example security guards, machine operators, and even students while studying or where concentration is required. Makes a great gift.



    Crime rates have steadily increased in every US city over the past few years and to help protect yourself, it is important to know about the different features of personal alarms that are readily available to anyone.

    Men women and children all use personal alarms which are also referred to as portable or handheld alarms. These alarms are designed to emit an annoying high pitched sound.

    Anyone, especially women traveling alone for work or pleasure should consider a personal alarm system in case they find themselves in any uncomfortable situation.

    The purpose of a personal alarm is to disorientate and scare away someone that might be threatening you. Hopefully the alarm would distract an attacker long enough for you to either call for help or get to a safe place.

    The alarm is simple to operate, all you need to do is depress the button on the alarm which emits a loud sound which is different from commonly heard alerts. This will attract attention to you and the possible assault that you are facing.

    One important consideration when researching different personal alarm types is to make sure that the unit, you are selecting, can make a sound over 130db. At this level the alarm sound is louder than a local traffic, car alarms, and car horns.

    These alarms are usually small enough and light enough to fit on your key chain, carry in your purse or attach to your belt.

    The sound made by personal alarms do not vary much. Finding an alarm that makes a continuous shrieking noise that is at least 130db would be most effective. The sound level is very important mainly because you want passersby to be aware of your situation and to be able to assist you in your time of need. There is a good chance that whoever hears your alarm will call the police. Most attackers will not stick around once the alarm is activated for fear of being caught.

    Criminals and potential attackers do not like when a person is carrying a personal alarm. People with alarms are loud and will make a scene to try and get attention. To a potential attacker, alarms mean that a person will not go quietly.

    By adding a personal alarm to the items that you routinely carry, you will be helping yourself should you be attacked. Just keep in mind that a personal alarm itself is not a save all option, you will still need to use a little common sense and reasonable precautions in any given situation to help make yourself more secure.


    Most of the time it is man that attacks man for greed or selfishness or malice. However, there are times when we can be exposed to animal attacks as well.

    Animal attacks are on the rise in the United States. Don’t be a victim of a vicious animal attack. Protect yourself and the ones you love.

    There are many people that are unable to enjoy the outdoors because they fear being attacked by a vicious dog or another type of wild animal. How many times have you walked down the street and seen a biker being chased by a dog, or even while walking or jogging had a vicious dog come out of nowhere and threatened your safety?

    There are a number of products available today to help you with this concern.  Animal repellents are products that are designed to provide you protection against vicious animals when out and about.

    Two common animal repellants that are available to the general public are:

    1. Chemical spray like Mace Canine Spray
    2. Ultrasonic dog chaser

    Mace Canine Spray is very popular with delivery services like the US Mail, UPS and FEDX delivery drivers. Once the attacking dog is sprayed with Mace muzzle spray, the effects are immediate. The spray will affect the dogs breathing tissues and make it blind for a short period of time. There is no permanent harm that comes to the animal, but it does allow a person time to get safely away.

    Ultrasonic dog chaser is another option used to prevent a dog from attacking. It is an electronic device which emits a sound of 135 decibels which is not tolerable for dogs but is inaudible for human ears. The device is targeted at the dog and a button is pressed which produces a very high pitch sound which thrills the dog providing you with enough time to get away safely.

    The use of these animal repellers may bother you if you are an animal lover, but when it comes to you or your family’s safety than you have to do certain things to protect yourself and your family. Let’s not forget that being approached by a stray or wild dog could result in physical harm and even result in being infected with rabies if bitten.

    For other animal repellent options visit www.toledoguardian.com .

    Article Written By: Michael Wynar



    Diversion safes are also known as hidden safes and are a concealment device made to resemble every day household item that are designed for the purpose of concealing valuables.

    Whether you have a home garage, a shop in your back yard or even a real garage from which you run your business, there are a number of items that you want to keep safe from the public. Things like extra keys to your home or garage, important papers, money, cell phone and much more. Burglars are becoming smarter and they know to look for valuables in the most common places like between your mattress and even behind pictures hanging on the walls.

    Diversion safes are not only made to look like typical items you would find in your kitchen, these items can also look like items you would find in the bathroom or basement or almost any item in your garage.

    In choosing a diversion safe, the style and placement of the safe is crucial for concealment. The more common a hidden safe appears to be and where it is actually situated, the tougher it is for anyone to suspect that the safe serves any other purpose than for which it was intended. It is a good idea to place the diversion safe in with other items that are similar in content.

    Burglars like to get in and get out when they are at work so they don’t want to spend time shaking cans on the self or counter. And that would be the only way that they could even find your valuables because the diversion safe looks like the real thing.

    In addition to the practical use of a diversion safe, they also make a great gift idea. Here are some suggestions.

    1. House warming gift. It makes an ideal gift for someone who just purchased a new house. It will fit in with any planned decorations especially since the family moving into their new home really haven’t had time to decide how they are going to decorate their home yet. The gift will last a lifetime and it will help to strengthen your friendship with the new homeowners.


    1. Last minute gift. How many times have you run around looking for an inexpensive gift for a friend, co-worker or something for a raffle, something inexpensive but nice. What better gift than a diversion safe that looks like a can of soda? A diversion safe is a practical gift that anyone receiving it can put to use immediately.


    1. Diversion safes are a gift of love. You could bring your mother a box of candy, but a instead present her with something useful like a mixed fruit can safe and after you show her how it will keep her things safe, she will think of you whenever she looks at your gift.


    1. You’re having a party and invite a few friends over and tell them you’re going to a concert and you have extra tickets for each of them, but they have to find the tickets that you hid in an a diversion safe that blends in with your living room decor. You have taken your party to a new level and had fun doing so. Won’t they be surprised when you show them that the tickets were right in front of them, on the coffee table in the coffee mate container? The possibilities are endless.


    1. You are a real-estate agent who just sold a customer a new home and you would like to show your client your appreciation for buying their new home from you. What better gift could you give them than a diversion safe that will keep their valuables safe and secure? Don’t think they won’t think of you when they have a friend who is looking to either buy or sell a property.

    Regardless of the kind of safe, diversion safes or hidden safes have become very common as they're observed as currently being much safer than other standard safes. Protect your valuables today!

    Visit Toledo Guardian at www.toledoguardian.com to view a large selection of diversion safes.

  • Home Security Devices Come In A Wide Variety Of Sensors.

    Low cost alarms for your home can be as effective as more expensive systems without sending you to the poor house. Ask any expert in the field and they will tell you that 90% of all burglaries are preventable. So if the odds are so good that it will happen to you and it is such a preventable event-what is it you have to do to stop the burglars?

    You can spend thousands of dollars to get an elaborate security system or sometimes the best home security is implemented when you are the one making the assessment and using common sense and some simple devices. Here are some simple, easy to use, inexpensive and effective home protection products that will definitely discourage or flat out stop a potential intruder from entering your house. It is not a complete list but one which will go a long way to stopping the bad guys from getting into your home.

    360 Degree Motion Sensor

    Typically these sensors are mounted on the ceiling and provide protection in a full 360 degrees and once motion is sensed a silent or audible alarm is activated

    Standard Motion Sensor

    These are sensors that are mounted in corners that provide protection when someone walks into the field of view of the detector. Many of these sensors have Passive Infrared Sensor technology that senses the body heat of an intruder. These PIR Sensors are designed to detect rapid change in temperature (body temperature) thus minimizing false alarms.

    Outdoor Motion Sensors

    These are constructed to be weatherproof and normally cost more than indoor motion sensors. Typical use would be to alert you that someone is coming up your driveway. When selecting an outdoor motion sensor, check to see about the available range of the unit as well as any built in safeguards for false alarms.

    Detector Beams

    Generally used in retail business to let the owner know a customer has just entered their shop. These units have a transmitter and receiver and each unit has to have a direct view of the other unit. When customers walk into their shop, they break the beam of light and a chime or alarm will sound depending on the settings.

    Panic Button

    Also known as a hold up button, usually is associated with a business. With all the current home invasions, home owners are realizing the value of such an item. These buttons can be placed anywhere in a home and tied directly to an existing security system. When the button is pushed, your system will activate an alarm that can be either audible or silent.

    Outdoor Siren

    When the sensor detects motion it will sound the alarm letting both the intruder as well as neighbors that there is an uninvited person on the property.

    Magnetic Pull Apart Contacts

    Home owners find this to be an easy way to keep someone from coming in through a window or patio door. They easily attach to doors and windows and when separated, sound an alarm. The system can be unarmed for day to day use and activated when needed.

    Glass Breakage Alarm

    These sensor can be easily attached to any window in the house and an alarm will sound when the glass is hit, knocked or broken by anyone.

    Low cost alarms and home protection devices can be very effective at stopping the bad guys from gaining entry to your home. Why risk the chance of a burglary when it can be so easily prevented?


  • Personal Protection Items Make Great Gifts










    With the upcoming holidays, what would make a great gift? Of course you are concerned about the safety of your love ones whether they’re are home or away. With the current changes in the economy, personal attacks and theft are becoming common events.

    Personal protection items are a priceless gift that any friend or family member would appreciate for years to come, because these gifts can provide peace of mind whether at home or out on the road.

    Items like Pepper Spray are becoming an urban necessity for women and men alike especially when out an about during a busy holiday season. A great deterrent against personal attacks would be pepper spray, which comes in a variety of canisters even in a lip stick case. Many of these pepper sprays have belt clips or they can be added to your key chain.

    Pepper spray is fast acting. A quick stream of pepper spray striking an attacker in the eyes and face produces extreme discomfort and pain. The pepper sprays causes no permanent injure and the effects can last upwards of 45 minutes, allowing you to time to get away and call for help.

    Stun guns or Tasers, are two other items to consider. Both are non-lethal defensive technologies that are now available to consumers. These items both use powerful jolts of electricity to disable a potential attacker. The major difference between a stun gun and a Taser is:

    1. To be effective, when using a stun gun, you must make direct contact with the attacker.
    2. Tasers guns do not require direct contact, they can immobilize an attacker within 15 feet.

    Stun guns are available in many different shapes and styles, examples: cell phones, flash lights, lipstick, walking canes and more.  Both these devices are effective personal protection tools that are very affordable.

    Keep in mind, these tools should be used properly and handle with care. They are not toys and should not be used by children.

    A favorite of law enforcement is a Tactical Baton. Batons are compact and provide an effective defense against aggressive behavior. They are available for both men and women in different styles and colors. Their stainless steel construction makes them very durable and strong enough to handle most challenging incidents.

    Personal Alarms, a less non-violent response to a personal attack, while providing a powerful deterrent. These devices are compacts sirens that deliver attention getting noise at a moment’s notice. Many come with a flash light and can easily be carried in your pocket or added right to a key chain. Personal alarms are allowed in government builds, schools, and even of airplanes. Also very affordable.

    Diversion Safes are small safe boxes cleverly camouflaged to look like regular everyday house hold items. These are one of the fastest growing trends in home security. They come in almost any object you can think of. Some look like a regular can of beer, others look like books or book shelves, and still others look like a can of coffee. Others resemble garden stones or flower pots and more. These items are ideal for hiding valuables or money. These items make a great gift ideal and you can have some fun with these items by inviting a guest to guess where the gift actually is. When the guest realizes the actual purpose of the gift they generally express instantaneous surprise especially when they understand its purpose.

    Please keep in mind the pepper spray, stun guns and Tasers are legal in most states. Before considering the purchase of any of these items, click on the following link (PRODUCT LAWS & RESTRICTIONS) to review local city and states regulations regarding the purchase of these items.

    Article written by: Michael Wynar owner of Toledo Guardian




    One way to cut down on crime, is to make sure that people on your property always think that cameras may be watching them. A fake camera is a terrific way to do this


    1.    Generally thieves will be looking for a setting that has the lowest possible risk of being caught. They do not care what property they are breaking into.

    2.    Even if thieves suspect that a camera is fake, they will not risk being caught especially if the property next door has no cameras and it would be just as easy to break into.

    3.    Fake cameras cost far less the real cameras, plus there is no maintenance cost, other than a couple of AA batteries. Solar Powered cameras are also available.

    Protecting your valuables is now a simple task. However choosing your equipment to help you do so is not simple. You just have to be smarter than a potential thief. Think about how a thief looks at your home. Can you install fake cameras? Will they pass as the real thing? More than likely, you can and they will.

    Fake cameras are as effective in deterring crime as are real cameras. If you intent to protect your personal property and home, then security cameras are the best way to go. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford some of the more elaborate security systems available on the market today. This is where fake security cameras come into play. The trick though, is to purchase fake equipment that so completely resembles the real thing, that would-be thieves cannot tell the difference.

    Here are some things to consider in regards to fake cameras

    ·        COST - A good fake system does not have to cost you a bundle of money, rather it should look like it cost you a bundle of money.

    ·        LENS - If you are trying to fool an intruder, he or she needs to believe they are being caught on film. Keep in mind, the first identifiable characteristic of a fake camera is the plastic lens or the unit may not have any lens. Look at the lens on the fake security camera, it should have a glass lens.

    ·        LIGHTS – That little red light is another telltale sign of a real system. Many fake cameras are now available with motion detection and the camera will follow the intruder. Your fake camera should have this feature as well. It all comes down to the appearance your system gives the intruder.

    ·        MOUNTS – A good quality mount will weight a considerable amount. If the mount looks shoddy or weak, this will give the intruder a good indication that the unit is fake.

    ·        Mixing – Mixing fake security cameras with real ones is also another good idea. Once a phony unit is detected, thieves will think that all the security cameras are phony and their concern about being caught is greatly diminished.

    ·        Fake security cameras can provide almost the same level of protection that real ones can. You won’t be able to play a video recording of a crime, and so they do lose a little bit of benefit in that regard. However, they will be entirely successful if they keep the crime from ever happening. And therefore, if there are no criminals willing to visit your home or business, you will not need to have a video recording of what they were doing. A fake camera keeps your possessions safe, and without spending much money.

  • Hidden Cameras Have Endless Applications











    Business owners use hidden cameras to watch the way employees handle their customers and money. They also use these cameras for training employees to better serve their customers.

    Parents use hidden cameras to watch their children while playing in the play room. The cameras are also used to determine how good a job their baby sitter or nanny is doing with their children.

    They are even used to record the activity of pets when no one is at home.

    Hidden cameras are small board cameras that are built into everyday objects. These objects can be anything! They can be placed in phones, clocks, smoke detectors, books and many other common or household items. You can even purchase camera components and create your own! The camera can be wired directly to a recording devise or can be fitted with a signal transmitter that transmits to a receiver where the images can be viewed and/or recorded.

    A well placed hidden camera would answer your concerns! Have you ever left your desk and upon returning got the feeling that things weren't quite right? Your home or office desk has a treasure trove of information within easy reach of an unscrupulous person. Hidden cameras help to ensure someone’s integrity.

    Have you ever wondered about the kids that visit your home with your son or daughter because they made you feel a bit uneasy? Maybe because you had money or prescription pain killers in the house. These are items you definitely want to keep track of. Hidden cameras will let you know if someone is snooping or if a theft is taking place.

    Now Let’s Look At Business Applications.

    Employee theft and burglary are only two problems your business may face. Business owners use hidden cameras in almost any business you can think of. They are used to control money and inventory losses from unscrupulous employees, to a training tool to better help their employees to service their customers.

    A Third, And More Serious Problem, Is Wasted Time.

    Most employees don't think of coming in late, taking a long lunch, or leaving early as theft, but the time they take from you is valuable. Employee theft and burglary are only two problems your business may face. A third, and much more insidious problem, is wasted time. In many businesses, employee's friends drop by and hang around the store talking and keeping employees from working. This time theft can cost you much more in a year than you lose from actual employee theft or burglary, and a hidden camera is the best way to catch, and stop, it.

    If you need to discipline employees who continue to leave the workplace early, come in late or take extended lunches, time-stamped footage from the exit cameras will help you make your case and protect you from lawsuits.

    Most of your employees will stop this behavior if they know they're being watched. Installing a camera, hidden or not, at all exit points, will allow you to keep an eye on employees and address any continuing problems with attendance. The very presence of a camera will give most employees pause in leaving early.

    Placing hidden cameras in public areas of your business to monitor customer service.

    Most of your employees have never had formal training in dealing with customers, and may not understand what they're doing wrong or how they come across to customers. By using a hidden camera and walking them through the footage and examples of more proper behavior, you can work actively with them to improve their interpersonal skills.

    Tell Your Employees About The Hidden Cameras.

    You have a right, as an employer, to place cameras in public areas of your workplace, but you risk hurting your relationships with your employees if they discover they're being recorded or photographed without their knowledge. Most employees will have initial bad feelings and then accept the cameras as a part of the workplace.

    Talking to your employees about cameras lets them know what you're doing and why, gives them fair warning to stop behaviors that may cause them problems if recorded, and lets them know that you're only recording in public areas and in compliance with the law.

    It’s Important To Be Reasonable When Viewing Video Recording.

    It is very easy to find flaws when you're watching something that has already happened. Take notes on the footage as you watch it, and keep track of problems that recur and that may cause a serious problem. Minor quirks and occasional misbehaviors don't necessarily need attention.

    Coming down hard on your employees for every infraction will not help your business, and can make your employees less effective. If they're worried that every little misstep will get them yelled at, they're unlikely to perform well. Using a tape as a teaching tool lets you address specific behaviors and show the employees how you want these situations handled in the future. If you use cameras to help your employees build their skills, you can create a better business, reduce your turnover, and keep customers coming back for your excellent service.

    There Are Several Important Considerations To Keep In Mind When Buying Hidden Cameras.

    1. How will you power your hidden cameras?

    Many hidden cameras can simply be plugged into an outlet and are ready to go. However, with a wireless camera you will need a battery or a battery pack.

    1. Will The Images Be Of High Quality?

    To ensure that you will have high quality images when transmitting, it is important to purchase cameras with high quality lenses. An excellent choice is something called the CCD lens. The CCD (charged coupled devise) lens provides high resolution and is highly sensitive to light. This enables the hidden camera to accurately transmit images not only outdoors but indoors and in low light conditions as well.

    1. How are images viewed? 

    Hidden cameras need to be connected to a viewing devise such as a DVR, VCR or a monitor. If you are using a wired camera, this is accomplished through the use of video cable ran directly to your viewing devise. With a wireless devise, a built-in transmitter sends a video signal to a receiver. It is this receiver that is connected to your recording devise or monitor and provides your record of activity in the area that you are monitoring.

    You should be aware that audio is not something that is generally included within the capacity of most hidden cameras. When there are times and certain circumstances that you may feel the need to have conversations recorded, there are recorders available that will record room conversations

    In conclusion, hidden cameras are highly effective monitoring tools that help you ensure that all is well within your home or business.

  • 6 Smart Home Gadgets You Need In Your House By: Peter Minkoff


    Modern technology is infused into all aspects of reality, be it work or leisure time. A variety of cool gadgets are already adorning our homes and shifting the indoor landscape as well as our daily life. Some of them are flashy and awesome, while others serve a practical purpose and solve our problems. Well, if you ask me, one should strive to play it smart and get the best of both worlds.  Here are some must-have gadgets that show us the glimpse of a better, greener, and a safer world of tomorrow.

    LED safety lights

    In the area of home security, the market is flooded with a score of amazing solutions. Of course, you can always invest in reliable video recording and alarm systems, but one inexpensive option comes in the form of safety light. Namely, with a product like Nightwatcher LED Security Motion Light, you can deny thieves and burglars the cover of darkness. As the name suggests, it uses sensors to record motion and also mounts Wi-Fi connection. This means that users may access them from any mobile device and when away from home.

    Tankless water heater

    Another field of great innovation is domestic energy-efficiency. With smart tech minions in the league of the Marey ECO270 Self-modulating Water Heater, which you can easily order from sites like Viking, it is possible to tap into 27.kW of power across multiple points of use. This tankless water heater uses up to 60% less electricity than the conventional heaters and users are able to optimize energy consumption by setting the exact desired water temperature. The management is seamless and is carried out via a LCD panel.

    Smart faucet

    To make strides towards sustainability, you can also employ water-saving products. A smart faucet is definitely worth considering. It is a hygienic and contamination-free tool as you do not even have to touch the valves. The initial investment is a drop in the bucket compared to the benefits of saving up to 15,000 gallons of water per year. Not only that, the intelligent design enables this gadget to conserve energy as well. In the process, you will reduce the carbon footprint of your household and do nature a favor.

    Robot vacuum cleaner

    House chores have never been less tedious, at least with the air of the robotic helper. DeeBot 77 from Ecovacs is a stunning paragon of smart home innovation. This two-wheeled little fellow uses the latest software technology to detect and maneuver around obstacles. Different modes allow it to deal with all kinds of flooring and advanced functions to perform tasks such as automatically emptying the dust bin. Finally, an intelligent time-scheduling feature can be used to let D77 work the cleaning magic while there is nobody around.

    Smart Body Analyzer

    This gadget is a complete health-tracking scale. So, do not let ordinary looks deceive you: Apart from weight, Withings Smart Body Analyzer provides a slew of health data, including heart rate and body fat percentage. It can even monitor indoor air quality, present cool graphs, and warn you of pollution and health risk. In addition, users can take advantage of a mobile app to sync data with the server, establish personal goals, and keep track of the progress.

    Smart Kettle

    Finally, for all you tea lovers out there, we present the Smarter iKettle 2.0. The wait is over: You can finally utilize Wi-Fi connection to control the kitchen appliance via smartphone. And yes, you gain the power to remotely boil your kettle from the bedroom if you wish it so. An app shows you how much water is inside and issues a notification once the desired temperature is reached.  Wake up mode is handy in case you want to schedule the kettle. This is high-tech tea brewing at its purest.

    Open doors to future

    Iot and smart tech are entering an era of rapid development and adoption. Thus, it is high time to embrace innovative technology, regardless of whether you want to bolster home security or let robot lackey tackle tedious house tasks. You have an amazing opportunity to reduce human effort, be eco-friendly, save resources, and trim utility bills. There is a bunch of great solutions, so do the homework and cherry-pick the best of the best. The future is at your doorstep and all you have to do is invite it in.

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