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Child Safety

Question: Do I need to be in WiFi in order to use the wireless child leash?

Answer: Works with: IOS system (supports 4 units) and Android (supports 1 unit).

Question: How long do the batteries last?

Answer: The battery can last up to 6 months on standby. 

Question: How do it work?

Answer: It has a two way alarm so that your child can press one button to alert you if they are lost or in trouble. When the Wireless Child Leash wristband goes outside of the set distance the alarm will alert you wirelessly and sound an alarm on your phone. This can be used to keep track of your child, or elderly loved ones.



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In today’s fast paced society, child safety concerns are on every parents mind. There are many new programs and rules which have been approved and passed by private organizations as well as the government. Child Safety products are becoming very popular and can be found in many local stores as well as online. Shopping for these products can be done from the comfort of your home by simply typing “Child Safety products” in the search bar on Google.

There are many parents that feel child safety is not something that requires work, they feel that this can be accomplished in a matter of minutes. Child safety is the responsibility of every parent or guardian. This responsibility demands as much commitment and attention as possible.

Planning is of the utmost importance when going out in public with young children. The parent or guardian should have a set of rules and guidelines to oversee their young children and everything that surrounds them. When it comes to your child’s safety, planning is paramount as this will prepare you for an unexpected event.

Keep in mind, child safety is not as easy as you might like to think. It will take effort and time to figure out what would be the best course of action to follow for your child’s safety. Young children tend to act according to what they think they will enjoy without taking safety into account and this is where the responsibility of overseeing your child’s safety is of paramount importance.

The plans that you develop should also be shared with a caregiver or baby sitter so that you are all on the same page. In discussing your plans with the caregiver or babysitter, be open to suggestions that they may offer. You may be surprised at some of the great ideas they may have to offer.

Young children are very vulnerable to serious injuries that could result in accidental death. They are too young and lack the necessary experience to anticipate the dangers associated with crossing a street or falling into a swimming pool. This is the reason for employing child safety practices and for considering safety product for the additional peace of mind.

The pain and anguish of losing your child to a preventable accident death is a lifelong heartache for any parent, it is however, something that a parent needs to learn and practice to keep their children safe.

The following are just a few ideas that will give parents peace of mind.

  1. When out shopping with your children consider purchasing a wireless child leash. It has a two way alarm so that your child can press one button to alert you if they are lost or in trouble, plus if your child goes outside of a set distance the wireless wristband will sound an alarm on your phone. You can easily keep track of your child. This wristband can also help in keeping track of elderly love ones who might be suffering from dementia.
  2. Another area of concern, is keeping guns out of the hands of your children. Something as simple as a gun lock, will spare you years of heart ache, anguish and regrets. There are many different types of gun locks on the market and it will keep the gun or rifle from accidentally being discharged.
  3. For those of you that have an in ground swimming pool and have young children, I am sure that you have concerns about your child possibly falling into the pool when you are not watching. Pool Alarms are designed to monitor the swimming pool when it is not supervised. It is an electronic monitoring system that automatically sounds an alarm should a child or pet fall into it.