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Hidden Cameras

Question: Why buy a hidden camera?

Answer: Peace of Mind. Installing a hidden camera is one of the easiest ways you can ensure the safety of your loved ones.

Question: How can I be sure my baby sitter or nanny is really paying attention to my childrens needs?

Answer: Hidden cameras will answer any question you may have about the care your children are receiving.

Question: How can I be sure my elderly parents are being properly cared for in their nursing home?

Answer: A number of cases in the recent past have confirmed that nursing homes and old age homes treat and abuse the seniors. Some diseases such as Alzheimer make the old person more vulnerable to abuse from the staff in organization. Hidden camera can help a lot in such scenarios and keep a check on the old age and nursing homes.

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Question: I own a business, why should I buy a hidden camera?

Answer: If you are the owner of a company and run an office, you must include a hidden camera in your security essentials. Here, the size of your company simply does not matter. A hidden camera allows you to keep an eye on your staff as well as customers.

Question: I own three apartments, how can I check to see who is responsible for damaging my property?

Answer: A spy cam in your rental property, vacation home and building help you sustain the property value by avoiding burglary and damage. Some insurance companies also provide discounts to the clients who have a hidden camera on the rental property. So if you are the owner of an extra property, and wish to keep your property secured and safe, you should place a hidden camera there.

Question: Lately, I have had concerns about my spouse, what should I do?

Answer: If you have doubt about someone at your home, office and or on your disloyal spouse, a spy camera can help you in catching him or her red handed. Sting operations are usually done by private detectives to catch the suspects; however, you can also use the same to clear the doubts by investing in a hidden camera.


Hidden Cameras Have Endless Applications

Business owners use hidden cameras to watch the way employees handle their customers and money. They also use these cameras for training employees to better serve their customers.

Parents use hidden cameras to watch their children while playing in the play room. The cameras are also used to determine how good a job their baby sitter or nanny is doing with their children.

They are even used to record the activity of pets when no one is at home.

Hidden cameras are small board cameras that are built into everyday objects. These objects can be anything! They can be placed in phones, clocks, smoke detectors, books and many other common or household items. You can even purchase camera components and create your own! The camera can be wired directly to a recording devise or can be fitted with a signal transmitter that transmits to a receiver where the images can be viewed and/or recorded.

A well placed hidden camera would answer your concerns! Have you ever left your desk and upon returning got the feeling that things weren't quite right? Your home or office desk has a treasure trove of information within easy reach of an unscrupulous person. Hidden cameras help to ensure someone’s integrity.

Have you ever wondered about the kids that visit your home with your son or daughter because they made you feel a bit uneasy? Maybe because you had money or prescription pain killers in the house. These are items you definitely want to keep track of. Hidden cameras will let you know if someone is snooping or if a theft is taking place.

Now Let’s Look At Business Applications.

Employee theft and burglary are only two problems your business may face. Business owners use hidden cameras in almost any business you can think of. They are used to control money and inventory losses from unscrupulous employees, to a training tool to better help their employees to service their customers.

A Third, And More Serious Problem, Is Wasted Time.

Most employees don't think of coming in late, taking a long lunch, or leaving early as theft, but the time they take from you is valuable. Employee theft and burglary are only two problems your business may face. A third, and much more insidious problem, is wasted time. In many businesses, employee's friends drop by and hang around the store talking and keeping employees from working. This time theft can cost you much more in a year than you lose from actual employee theft or burglary, and a hidden camera is the best way to catch, and stop, it.

If you need to discipline employees who continue to leave the workplace early, come in late or take extended lunches, time-stamped footage from the exit cameras will help you make your case and protect you from lawsuits.

Most of your employees will stop this behavior if they know they're being watched. Installing a camera, hidden or not, at all exit points, will allow you to keep an eye on employees and address any continuing problems with attendance. The very presence of a camera will give most employees pause in leaving early.

Placing hidden cameras in public areas of your business to monitor customer service.

Most of your employees have never had formal training in dealing with customers, and may not understand what they're doing wrong or how they come across to customers. By using a hidden camera and walking them through the footage and examples of more proper behavior, you can work actively with them to improve their interpersonal skills.

Tell Your Employees About The Hidden Cameras.

You have a right, as an employer, to place cameras in public areas of your workplace, but you risk hurting your relationships with your employees if they discover they're being recorded or photographed without their knowledge. Most employees will have initial bad feelings and then accept the cameras as a part of the workplace.

Talking to your employees about cameras lets them know what you're doing and why, gives them fair warning to stop behaviors that may cause them problems if recorded, and lets them know that you're only recording in public areas and in compliance with the law.

It’s Important To Be Reasonable When Viewing Video Recording.

It is very easy to find flaws when you're watching something that has already happened. Take notes on the footage as you watch it, and keep track of problems that recur and that may cause a serious problem. Minor quirks and occasional misbehaviors don't necessarily need attention.

Coming down hard on your employees for every infraction will not help your business, and can make your employees less effective. If they're worried that every little misstep will get them yelled at, they're unlikely to perform well. Using a tape as a teaching tool lets you address specific behaviors and show the employees how you want these situations handled in the future. If you use cameras to help your employees build their skills, you can create a better business, reduce your turnover, and keep customers coming back for your excellent service.

There Are Several Important Considerations To Keep In Mind When Buying Hidden Cameras.

How will you power your hidden cameras?

Many hidden cameras can simply be plugged into an outlet and are ready to go. However, with a wireless camera you will need a battery or a battery pack.

Will The Images Be Of High Quality?

To ensure that you will have high quality images when transmitting, it is important to purchase cameras with high quality lenses. An excellent choice is something called the CCD lens. The CCD (charged coupled devise) lens provides high resolution and is highly sensitive to light. This enables the hidden camera to accurately transmit images not only outdoors but indoors and in low light conditions as well.

How are images viewed? 

Hidden cameras need to be connected to a viewing devise such as a DVR, VCR or a monitor. If you are using a wired camera, this is accomplished through the use of video cable ran directly to your viewing devise. With a wireless devise, a built-in transmitter sends a video signal to a receiver. It is this receiver that is connected to your recording devise or monitor and provides your record of activity in the area that you are monitoring.

You should be aware that audio is not something that is generally included within the capacity of most hidden cameras. When there are times and certain circumstances that you may feel the need to have conversations recorded, there are recorders available that will record room conversations

In conclusion, hidden cameras are highly effective monitoring tools that help you ensure that all is well within your home or business.