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Animal Repellents

Question: Visiting Yellow Stone National Park, does bear spray really work?

Answer: Yes.. Bear spray has been proven to be very effective against bears.

Question: Is Canine Spray effective against an attacking dog?

Answer: Very Effective and that is why mail carriers receive pepper spray as part of their standard equipment.

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Most of the time it is man that attacks man for greed or selfishness or malice. However, there are times when we can be exposed to animal attacks as well.

Animal attacks are on the rise in the United States. Don’t be a victim of a vicious animal attack. Protect yourself and the ones you love.

There are many people that are unable to enjoy the outdoors because they fear being attacked by a vicious dog or another type of wild animal. How many times have you walked down the street and seen a biker being chased by a dog, or even while walking or jogging had a vicious dog come out of nowhere and threatened your safety?

There are a number of products available today to help you with this concern.  Animal repellents are products that are designed to provide you protection against vicious animals when out and about.

Two common animal repellants that are available to the general public are:

  1. Chemical spray like Mace Canine Spray
  2. Ultrasonic dog chaser

Mace Canine Spray is very popular with delivery services like the US Mail, UPS and FEDX delivery drivers. Once the attacking dog is sprayed with Mace muzzle spray, the effects are immediate. The spray will affect the dogs breathing tissues and make it blind for a short period of time. There is no permanent harm that comes to the animal, but it does allow a person time to get safely away. 

Ultrasonic dog chaser is another option used to prevent a dog from attacking. It is an electronic device which emits a sound of 135 decibels which is not tolerable for dogs but is inaudible for human ears. The device is targeted at the dog and a button is pressed which produces a very high pitch sound which thrills the dog providing you with enough time to get away safely.

The use of these animal repellers may bother you if you are an animal lover, but when it comes to you or your family’s safety than you have to do certain things to protect yourself and your family. Let’s not forget that being approached by a stray or wild dog could result in physical harm and even result in being infected with rabies if bitten.