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Question: Could you use skittles as ammo with this? I know this sounds bizarre...

Answer: Skittles, gummy bears, dog food, pecans, marbles, smoke bombs...yeah man, if it fits in the pouch, you can launch it. How straight it will fly is entirely another matter... 

Question: How well will this shoot 4.5mm copper bbs?

Answer: Perfectly

Question: Is it ambidextrous?

Answer: Yes it can be used be either a right handed or left handed person. 

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  • Slingshot
    This Slingshot has a Light aluminum frame and split leather pouch. Se...
  • Rubber Band For Slingshots
    Rubber Band For Slingshots
    Replacement Rubber Band For Slingshots with extra ammo. See More Prod...

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Question: What is the max length of band in inches when pulled to full capacity?

Answer: Arm length, about 25 to 26 inches.