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Personal Alarms

Question: Going to college in the fall, should I look into buying personal safety devices?

Answer: College students often fall victim to a multitude of crimes. The only way students can protect themselves is to be vigilant and carry a personal safety device.

Question: What are some of the best safety devices for college students?

Answer: Always do a lot of research before purchasing a personal safety device for its legality and proper usage. Pepper spray , often called OC spray for oleoresin capsicum, contains capsicum. Tear Gas. Whistle. Personal Alarm. Metal Maglite or Strobe Lights, Taser Gun or a Stun Gun are good safety devices, 

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  • Water Overflow Sensor Attachment
    Water Overflow Sensor Attachment
    The Water Overflow Sensor Attachment easily connects to the PAL-1 or P...
  • Fur Ball Buzzer Pink
    Fur Ball Buzzer Pink
    The Pink Fur Ball Buzzer is a fashionable furry buzzer series for chil...
  • Fur Ball Buzzer White
    Fur Ball Buzzer White
    The White Fur Ball Buzzer is a fashionable furry buzzer series for chi...
  • Fashionable Lipstick Alarm Black
    Fashionable Lipstick Alarm Black
    Stylish fashionable black lipstick alarm is suitable for ladies, jogge...

    Regular Price: $12.95

    Special Price $6.50

  • Fashionable Lipstick Alarm Pink
    Fashionable Lipstick Alarm Pink
    Stylish fashionable pink lipstick alarm is suitable for ladies, jogger...

    Regular Price: $12.95

    Special Price $6.50

  • Key Chain Alarm with Light
    Key Chain Alarm with Light
    The Key Chain Alarm with Light combines the two best deterrents agains...
  • Personal Alarm with Flashlight
    Personal Alarm with Flashlight
    The sleek, slim design of this Personal Alarm with Flashlight fits eas...
  •  Mini Travel Alarm with PIR Sensor
    Mini Travel Alarm with PIR Sensor
    The Mini Travel Alarm with PIR Sensor is an effective low cost motion ...
  • 130db Alarm with Door Alarm
    130db Alarm with Door Alarm
    The 130db Alarm with Door Alarm was designed to draw attention to any ...

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Question: As a jogger, what personal safety devices should I consider?

Answer: Personal Alarm, Taser Gun, Stun Gun, Pepper Spray, Animal Repellent.


Crime rates have steadily increased in every US city over the past few years and to help protect yourself, it is important to know about the different features of personal alarms that are readily available to anyone.

Men women and children all use personal alarms which are also referred to as portable or handheld alarms. These alarms are designed to emit an annoying high pitched sound.

Anyone, especially women traveling alone for work or pleasure should consider a personal alarm system in case they find themselves in any uncomfortable situation.

The purpose of a personal alarm is to disorientate and scare away someone that might be threatening you. Hopefully the alarm would distract an attacker long enough for you to either call for help or get to a safe place.

The alarm is simple to operate, all you need to do is depress the button on the alarm which emits a loud sound that is different from commonly heard alerts. This will attract attention to you and the possible assault that you are facing.

One important consideration when researching different personal alarm types is to make sure that the unit, you are selecting, can make a sound over 130db. At this level the alarm sound is louder than a local traffic, car alarms, and car horns.

These alarms are usually small enough and light enough to fit on your key chain, carry in your purse or attach to your belt.

The sound made by personal alarms do not vary much. Finding an alarm that makes a continuous shrieking noise that is at least 130db would be most effective. The sound level is very important mainly because you want passersby to be aware of your situation and to be able to assist you in your time of need. There is a good chance that whoever hears your alarm will call the police. Most attackers will not stick around once the alarm is activated for fear of being caught.

Criminals and potential attackers do not like when a person is carrying a personal alarm. People with alarms are loud and will make a scene to try and get attention. To a potential attacker, alarms mean that a person will not go quietly.

By adding a personal alarm to the items that you routinely carry, you will be helping yourself should you be attacked. Just keep in mind that a personal alarm itself is not a save all option, you will still need to use a little common sense and reasonable precautions in any given situation to help make yourself more secure.