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Steel Batons

Question: Why should I buy a Steel Baton?

Answer: Batons are the #1 choice of Self Defense weapon where non-lethal force is to be applied. .

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  • 16 Inch Rubber Handle Steel Baton
    16 Inch Rubber Handle Steel Baton
    The SafeFamilyLife 16 Inch Rubber Handle Steel Baton expands to a full...
  • LED Light for Steel Baton
    LED Light for Steel Baton
    Screw-on LED Light attachment for Telescopic Steel Baton. See More Pr...
  • 21 Inch Rubber Handle Steel Baton In Holster Rear View
    21 Inch Rubber Handle Steel Baton
    The SafeFamilyLife 21 Inch Rubber Handle Steel Baton expands to a full...
  • 26 Inch Rubber Handle Steel Baton Packaging
    26 Inch Rubber Handle Steel Baton
    This SafeFamilyLife solid 26 Inch Rubber Handle Steel Baton expands to...
  • Stun Master® 12 Million Volt Stun Baton Black
    Stun Master® 12 Million Volt Stun Baton Black
    Stun Master® 12 Million Volt Stun Baton Black - The rubberized coa...

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5 Item(s)

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Question: Are expandable batons legal?

Answer: Many places in the United States have prohibited offensive weapons laws which allows you to carry certain weapons such as expandable batons. Please check your local ordances regarding the use of expandable batons.


A steel baton is a self-protection device that will save you from an attacker and it is something to carry with you whenever you are out, especially at night. It is portable and not easily noticeable, this helps you to defend yourself in the event you are being attacked. Steel batons are considered an impact weapon for self-defense.

Ok? Exactly what is a steel baton? It is a telescopic shaft of tubes made of three different steel sections which join together. Each section becomes thinner as it extends outward from the handle. The overall size of a steel baton will vary in size from 16, 21 or 26 inches. Each shaft will collapse into each other for easy storing. The 26 inch baton is actually considered the best choice because of the extended reach. When you hit an attacker with this steel baton, it will definitely hurt him and if you hit him more than once, he would be a fool not to leave you immediately. The majority of criminals know how powerful these devices are, so most attackers will leave you alone and shift their attention to someone else who is less protected.

As a women, if you are considering an inexpensive self-protection device, you could not make a better choice than a Telescopic Steel Baton. You ask why? Well the product is light, it’s easy to handle and very effective in stopping any potential problem especially if an attacker was planning on harming you.

Choosing the right size of the baton depends on your stature. Smaller women might find a 16 inch baton easier to handle, whereas a taller women might prefer a 21 or 26 in steel baton. This is where the telescopic feature would be of benefit. Any length is going to provide a women with protection. It is important that the device feels comfortable and easy to handle regardless of the length.

It is best to carry this device in your hand, purse or pocket, somewhere that is easily accessible when needed. Practicing with you steel baton before you go anywhere is recommended. Take the baton in your hand and flick your wrist quickly and the baton will extend to its proper length and lock in place and be ready to use when needed. Now you are ready to defend yourself if necessary.

Practicing with a pillow after you have extended your baton will give you confidence in handling the device. Ideally you should swing or use a stabbing motion when using the baton. Target the largest part of the attacker’s body, his torso. Hit him in the arms or legs a couple of times and your attacker will know that you mean business. He will feel like he was being struck with a lead pipe and quickly make a decision to leave you and find an easier target.

In a situation where you are being approached by an attacker, usually extending the baton and looking like you will use it to defend yourself is enough for most attackers to realize they would be better off walking away. No one wants to be hit with a steel rod.