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Survival Gear

Question: What Are The Top 10 Most Needed Survial Supplies?

Answer: 1. Water Storage. The human body can survive for up to a month without food and for many months on very meager rations

               2. Water Purification Kit. No matter how much water storage you have, there is a chance you will run out.

               3. First Aid Kit

               4. Survival Knife

               5. Handgun

               6. Backpack

               7. Ammunition

               8. Matches

               9. Duct Tape

             10. Freeze Dried Meals

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Items 1 to 9 of 49 total

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Things To Consider When Choosing Survival Gear For Natural Disasters

While most people think of outdoor survival gear as something that is need for those who spend their time in nature, this is gear that will become invaluable if there is a natural disaster in the area. Those who have experienced these types of disasters understand the chaos that results from these disasters, and it is a situation in which no one wants to be involved in. Yet, those who are better prepared to handle these situations are going to be those who come out of the disaster with strength and determination.

  1. Select items that you will need, not items that you would like to have. Exercise a little judgment and a little self-control. If it’s just two of you, why select an 8 man tent?
  2. Don't select items that you already have unless these don't work well or are broken and needs to be replaced.
  3. First, make a list of the items you feel that you and your family will actually need and not just want.
  4. Second, bearing in mind you and your family’s own personal needs, go through the lists and identify items that will help meet you and your family's personal needs. Again, not "wants" but "needs".
  5. Keep in mind that quality is more important than price in selecting survival gear! In the middle of a disaster or crisis, you won't be able to run to the store to find a replacement for an item that breaks or doesn't work.

Being Prepared

Advanced preparation is the key to survival in an unexpected catastrophic weather event. A crucial step to this is choosing the right survival gear. Having a survival kit stored in a safe and accessible place is important during an emergency.

Some Items to include in a survival kit for you and each person in your family are:

  1. Food (food should be non-perishables)
  2. Bottled water also include a portable water filtration system
  3. Collapsible dishes, utensils, pots and pans
  4. Solar blankets
  5. Tarps & duct tape
  6. Ponchos
  7. A Radio
  8. Led Flashlights
  9. Matches and Fuel Free Lighter
  10. First aid kits including antibacterial creams
  11. Hand gun and ammunition
  12. Tools (axe, hammer, machete, wire saw, survival knife, rope
  13. Portable Solar Oven & A Portable Solar Kettle for heating water
  14. Solar Battery Pack for recharging cell phones
  15. Paper & pencils
  16. Clothing