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Security Scanners

Question: Can I use this as a pinpoint for finding coins?

Answer: Yes it picks up really any kind of metals when trying to scan them.

Question: Based on actual use, how sensitive is it? I need one for finding small gauge staples in wood (<1" thick) before running it through my equipment.

Answer: Hi, Im a woodworker too and thats what I bought it for. It works very well better than some that are more expensive and being longer it covers more ground I\'d say it will do what you want. Im very pleased.

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  • CSI Pro-Pointer with Holster
    Garrett's CSI Pro-Pointer with Holster
    The Garrett CSI Pro-Pointer with Holster highly sensitive pin pointer ...

    Regular Price: $169.95

    Special Price $159.95

  • Tactical Hand-Held Metal Detector
    Garrett's Tactical Hand-Held Metal Detector with Holster
    Garrett's Tactical Hand-Held Metal Detector with Holster is the most r...

    Regular Price: $199.95

    Special Price $189.95

  • SuperWand
    Garrett's SuperWand
    The Garrett's SuperWand has a 360° detection field provides unifor...

    Regular Price: $229.95

    Special Price $219.95

  • Garrett SuperScanner V Front View
    Garrett's SuperScanner V
    Garrett's SuperScanner V is the most recognized hand-held metal detect...

    Regular Price: $199.95

    Special Price $189.95

  • Garett's Metal Detector Rechargeable Battery Kit
    Garett's Metal Detector Rechargeable Battery Kit
    Garett's Metal Detector Rechargeable Battery Kit includes two (2) envi...
  • Streetwise Handheld Metal Detector
    Streetwise Handheld Metal Detector
    Streetwise Handheld Metal Detector

    Regular Price: $61.95

    Special Price $56.95

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Question: What is the range of the wand? Do I need to be within 2 inches of it or will it detect from a foot away as well?

Answer: The closer the better, definitely within 6 inches. 

Question: Would this be good for a church? We ask woman and men not to bring bags into church. We just want everyone to be safe and check for hidden guns.

Answer: Yes I think this would work to check bags. However most purses have metal as part of the purse that would set it off. 


In today’s heightened security environment, being able to detect the presence of concealed weapons is of paramount importance to many organizations. These devices have proven to be a great tool for security forces whether it would be to keep crowds safe at airports, sporting events or keeping our students safe in schools. 

The sensitivity level on a hand held security scanners can be adjusted to detect objects as large as a gun or knife or something as small as a piece of jewelry. Typically these units have a detection range of 360 degrees in the immediate area. These handheld scanners have also found a useful purpose in manufacturing when searching for nails or staples in wood. 

Handheld security scanners are generally water resistant which makes them very useful when searching for metal objects in the rain. Some even have scraping blades which allow them to sift through soil for metal objects. Generally, these devices will have one of three ways of alerting the user when it detects a metal object, either by an audible signal, some will vibrate and others can be silent using a light indicator. These security scanners are either rechargeable or they will require replacement batteries. 

The increase use of security scanners is definitely a sign of our changing times and even though most of us hate to have to wait to be scanned when attending a public event or going through the airport check points, I think that the majority of the people feel far safer afterwards.  

Tips for getting those attempting to get through airport security. 

  1. Timing is very important. Consider the day of the week of your flight when you are planning you airport arrival time. Most leisure travelers typically will fly on the weekends and they are not familiar with airport procedures and will slow things down.
  2. Most frequent flyers know that the majority of people traveling will normally get to the airport about an hour before their actual flight time, so do yourself a favor, if you don’t like waiting in line, than allow an additional 30 minutes to your waiting time. You will find that you won’t have to deal with a longer line going through the security check points and once you get through security, you can relax and get yourself a bite to eat and not feel rushed.
  3. Airport security rules may seem like a real hassle, but thinking that you can get by a security check point with a pocket knife, scissors or a tube of tooth paste won’t work. These items are considered contraband and they will raise an immediate red flag and definitely cause you delay. Follow the airport rules, and you should be able to breeze right through security and have plenty of time to sit back and relax.
  4. Keep in mind that when going through a security scanning device, it is programmed to detect metal objects that can be as small as jewelry so make sure to remove anything metallic as you pass through the scanner. Items to be removed would be watches, pocket change, key chain, cell phone, pens, metal glass frames, metal broaches, necklaces, bracelets and even a metal belt buckle.
  5. Another thing to keep in mind is tell the security guard, before you go through a scanner, if you have any metal implants in your body like a pace maker, or titanium rods in any part of your body. 

These tips will hopefully save you time with airport security screening and make you trip less hectic. Hoping you have a great flying experience.